In 1997, CMDr Marco Negovetic combined his love of coffee with his background as an ‘advanced fluid power hydraulics technician’ to create the Coffee Machine Doctor. He has been working with coffee machines for two decades and brings a wealth of knowledge to the coffee machine market in Perth.

Marco even has his own high-grade Artisan Locally Roasted coffee blend known as Marco Polo.

Marco Polo is a deliciously rich and inviting blend of eight coffee beans designed to get the best infusion from Your Automated Coffee Machine, includes:

  • High-grade 100% Brazilian Arabica
  • Ipanema Dulce
  • Brasil Natural
  • Brasil Santo Mogiana Orange
  • Brasil Santo Mogiana Yellow
  • Guatemalan
  • Yellow Bourbon Amazonia, and
  • Mexican Beans

Ask for Marco Polo next time the Coffee Machine Doctor visits your home or office. It’s guaranteed to invigorate your taste buds!


Contact us for more information about Coffee Beans.